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  • Prison Update - (0.1.4-BETA)


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    Nov 15, 2020
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    We are working really hard to fix all bugs and issues! Cluescrolls and some of enchantments might not work due to our leveling system. This will be fixed within a day!


    ✅ NEW Enchantment - Vitalize I-III (TOOLS) - ULTIMATE Chance to get Absorption effect while mining. Effect Level(based on level) > 1/2/3 Chance (based on level) > 5/10/15 Duration (based on level) > 80/100/120 seconds.

    ✅ NEW Enchantment - Feeding I-V (TOOLS) - SIMPLE Chance to get hunger from mining. Hunger Restored > 1-2 Chance (based on level) > 2/3/4/6/8

    ✅ NEW Enchantment - Aquatic I (TOOLS) - ULTIMATE Gives permanent water breathing while mining.

    ✅ NEW Enchantment - Rock Discoverer I-V (TOOLS) - ELITE Higher chance to find Plasma Rocks Cooldown > 300 seconds (all levels) Chance (based on level) > 1/2/3/4/5

    ❌ REMOVED Enchantment - Restore (TOOLS) - UNIQUE Rest in pIEce... Why we decided to remove so iconic enchantment? - As you might know, every tool has 15,000 durability and we just didn't see a reason why this enchantment exists. We want players to take risks to Pirate Blacksmith*, where they can restore their tools and armors. There's also "abiding" enchantment which makes your tools unbreakable. * Pirate Blacksmith can be accessed via the /warp command.

    ❌ REMOVED Enchantment - Reforged (TOOLS) - UNIQUE *Rest in pIEce...

    ❌REMOVED Enchantment - Telepathy (TOOLS) - SIMPLE Never seen again... Why we decided to remove so iconic enchantment? - Due to performance and optimizations, we have a feature that already gives all your items to your inventory.


    ADDED - Pirate Blacksmith NPC - Can be found via the /warp command.

    CHANGE - All enchantments are now bold formatted.

    ✅ Trade system rechecked and working!

    ✅ Potion stacker added! Normal Potion Stacking: 16 Splash Potion Stacking: 4

    ✅ /levels revamped!

    ✅ Daily Rewards added!

    ✅ Mailman reworked!

    ✅ Cluescroll rewards reworked

    We have done a lot of bug fixing and changes to balance out the gameplay.